Attention all serious network marketers . . .

"How To Automatically Recruit
Hot Leads With Literally No Resistance, And Get Prospects Begging To Join Your MLM Opportunity"

The Inside Secret To How A Renegade 26-Year Old Bike Courier From Washington D.C. Finally Cracked The Code To Network Marketing  By Growing An Organization Of 4,917+ People ... In Less Than 2 years! 

PLUS He Pulls In More Money In A Month Than Most People Earn In A Year ... All Without Picking Up The Phone, Breaking A Sweat, Or Having To Face One Prospect ... Impossible?



Finally ...  

If you're really serious about taking your network marketing business to the next level, then stop whatever you're doing right now and read every word of this letter.

Yes, it's that important ...Why?

Because you can experience the same step-by-step tricks and proven strategies that have ballooned my personal bank account and changed my life forever ... starting right away.

... And for a whole lot less than you're accustomed to dish out for this kind of SYSTEM. 

So pay close attention here because you're gonna flip when you find out what's in store for you below!

You're about to get immediate access to over $11,187 in PROVEN secrets ... never before revealed until now.

These strategies will all but resurrect your dream of success and wealth ... and you can check it all out for FREE if you so choose! 


How So?

Hi!  My name is Daegan Smith and in just a minute I'll show you how to quickly, easily and cheaply send your network marketing business into overdrive--no matter what kind of results you're getting right now.daegan

I want to reveal to you how to open the profit floodgates and experience mind-altering levels of profit and success

But I know ... talk is cheap ... especially in this industry. So let me give you living PROOF that I know what I'm about. In other words, that I walk the talk. 

Right now as you're reading this letter, my network marketing organization boasts over 7,000 members!  That's nothing to sneeze at.

And keep in mind--that's in less than two years.




I've personally recruited 3,619+ people without ever picking up the phone in the last few years and a half.  

As I check my online account for the first half of this year's sales I'm at [$691,150.39], and on my desk are an additional 37 checks from the last month's "work" totaling $10,027.63

(This is nothing to sneeze at but I personally consider this just gravy).

daily transactions

Not the real steak, but something nice to add on top, you know?  

bank proof

What you're about to uncover on this page has sucked in over $20,354.00 in a single day . . .

And this formula creates explosive results no matter what kind of network marketing business you're in.

And has prospects contacting you daily (Note: not the other way around) on autopilot asking question such as:


And . . .


Or . . .


I've cracked the code to what I call "Zero Resistance Recruiting". I'm talking about ...

  • making more money
  • creating more on-demand income streams, and
  • recruiting more people into your network marketing business than you could ever have imagined.

I've studied it ...tested it ...refined it, and now it's time to share the SECRETS with you.  

In fact,

They Call Me ...
"The King of Never Calling
A Single Lead"

Being the head Internet network marketing trainer for one of the largest network marketing companies online, and the author of Maximum Leverage, have given me some rare opportunities.

I've shared the stage with network marketing legends like Dale Calvert and Tim Sales.

So I'm no dabbler. Using the Internet to grow network marketing businesses is my passion ... my life! I live it, breath it, teach it, and have the results to prove my system works! 

Hundreds of network marketers thank me for getting their recruiting act together.  I'm talking about people who never made a commission over $50 before who are now seeing consistent monthly checks in the hundreds and thousands. 

By the way, you can't get what I'm teaching anywhere else because I'm the only one that's sharing these strategies. 

What's more, I spent over $70,000 in training programs trying to find the holy grail of recruiting before I finally developed my own bag of tricks. 

I know the headaches and frustrations of buying the big "breakthrough" courses that left you disappointed and broker than when you first started. 

Don't start talking about those seminars  ... I've been there and done that.  I'd be lying through my teeth if I said I learned nothing from these seminars because often I learned what DOESN'T work! 

You see, all the effective strategies from 5, 10, 15 years ago just don't work anymore in network marketing. (I had to learn this the hard way but you won't have to.) Well, unless you ignore this offer and keep banging your head against a wall ...

But instead why not ...


Save Yourself A Ton of
Headaches And Frustration

You know the story: You buy those so-called "hot leads" from those companies and start "cold calling". Then comes the chorus of "No's" when you try to get them into your business.

Yet, many people are training you to do what they themselves find intimidating and unproductive ... I mean, get real! 

A duplicable system is no longer duplicable if it's not duplicated ... sounds like a Chinese proverb, huh? 

No wonder the network marketing industry is suffering from such a high attrition rate and a lot of people still are 'bad-mouthing' the very industry that has been so kind to those who know its secrets. 

And YOU can be one of these insiders. (Just keep reading to find out how ...)

You should see the puzzling looks I get from the bank tellers, every month, when I take my 37 checks to deposit on my account.  I know they'll switch places with me in a flash if they knew this was just "part-time" income for me. 

But before I go any further let me set the record straight because ...


You've Been Lied To  ...
And It's Costing You Big Bucks!

Let me explain . . . 

I bought a CD series on Internet network marketing. I listened to that thing probably 50 times. I loved it! I liked what the trainer was teaching and within a couple months I mustered up the confidence to call him.

I told him, I liked what he was doing and I wanted to be a part of it. He happily obliged.

The HUGE problem? The real life, in-the-trenches application of what he was teaching didn't work. 

The first thing he had me do was buy 500 leads for $500 from his favorite lead provider. I happily followed his instructions even though it was a big stretch on my budget back then.

You see, my mind was set on success and I wasn't going to let anything stop me. Not even money. 

After seven months of calling these leads and hearing slammed telephone handsets and being yelled at more times than I care to share, ... and wasting countless hours of my time on deadbeat leads ... and recruiting absolutely no one I finally realized something was wrong.  

Did I mention that I was also out of over $7,000?

I went back to the drawing board to study what went wrong.  I realized I needed a new strategy in order to reach my dream of becoming a network marketing millionaire.


Here's What I've Discovered . . .

Your sponsor is NOT teaching you the most duplicable system for success.

If you're sponsor is teaching you to cold-call leads or do home meetings or any such thing you're being set up for failure.  You see, these strategies lack one thing--LEVERAGE!  

Get it? 

Most network marketers are so concerned about "duplication" they forget what to duplicate. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know most people HATE cold calling, yet sponsor after sponsor continue to teach this outdated technique.   

It's like a 'brush off' when your sponsor tells you to go buy some leads and call them.  Unfortunately, that's all they know and you're being skinned alive for it!  

Just think about it: Do you like answering the phone only to hear a telemarketer on the other end?  It's a tough job--telemarketing.  No wonder these companies always have job openings. 

No wonder ...

Cold Calling Is Cold Dead!

Let me be blunt: Get this through your skull really fast, if you don't like cold-calling, then your recruits won't like it either. 

The truth is ... it's not about duplicating 'set-you-up-to-fail' strategies. It's about duplicating what WORKS, and cold calling ain't it. 

When you think about it, that's not really the whole truth. Cold-calling prospects works for the sponsors because when they have 100 people below them calling 1,000 leads a month the laws of probability kick in so a couple people do get good at it.  

But those odds aren't in your favor and can cost you way too much to find out. 

Why waste precious time and money calling a 1000 people and have 985 of them spoil your day and the other 15 waste your time and never do anything, when there is a rejection-free, ZERO-RESISTANCE and easier way?  

And that's why you're about to uncover exactly how you can ...

  • run your business completely on the Internet,
  • call no one BEFORE they call you
  • spend less than 45 minutes per day "working" on your business, and without fail make more money, recruit more people, and get more checks in the mail than anything your sponsor could ever teach you.  

That's why it's time for me to break the silence, but we'll get into that in a moment.

First, here's ...


An Even More
Shocking Breakthrough . . .

The OLD broken time wasting way: Spend your money buying leads, call these leads and hope for the best.

The NEW profit-generating way: Generate your own leads, make money and let the leads call you.

If you do it the NEW way, you're sitting on easy street and success has no option but to flow you're way.

The million-dollar question is how?  And that's where I come in, and you're gonna freak out when you get your hands on the answer, but first . . . 

Here's the final breakthrough that I discovered . . .


If You Don't Have Control
You Don't Have A Business 

When I was taught to buy leads and call them my business was dependent on my calling leads I purchased from one lead provider. If those leads didn't convert I didn't make a dime.

And who really knows the real quality of the leads I was buying.  I had to trust the company generated these leads in a 'legal' way. (There're lot of rip-off companies who sell you recycled, old leads from defunct network marketing companies.)

Lead providers don't care if your leads join your opportunity. All they want to do is SELL you leads because that's where they make a profit.  And I can't blame them really... it's their business selling leads, not selling downlines.  

When you buy leads from a lead provider you have no control over their quality. You have no idea where the leads came from or how they were really generated so you lose control of a most important part of your marketing machine. 

To put yourself in the driver's seat of your network marketing business, you MUST not only control how you generate leads, but how you interact with them.  (Light bulb goes off in head.)


"Zero Resistance Recruiting"

There's no doubt about it. 

The Internet has changed the way the world does business.  Except you've been living under a rock for the past decade you know how the Internet has leveled the playing field for both big and small businesses alike.

You can literally have a website created today and have access to the same audience as a multi-billion dollar company. 

Well, it seems that every business has been fast to adapt and take advantage of the Internet EXCEPT the network marketing industry.  Most network marketers are still tied to their old ways even though they are bringing diminishing returns. 

Now, hear me well: When I say using the Internet I'm not just talking about having a company website.  Any wannabee network marketing company can have a website made for less than $100 just to say they have a web presence. 

This doesn't mean they are DOING Internet network marketing. 

I'm talking here about harnessing the real power of the Internet to take your business into the stratosphere without sacrificing your life and sanity in the process.  (Isn't network marketing supposed to liberate you to live life on your terms?) 

For example, I send a few emails everyday and without question they generate interest, make money and have prospects lining up to get access to me. I'm not talking about peanut change here. 

But 37 checks a month and counting ... hundreds of people joining my business and at the push of button I have the power to 'magically' materialize as many sign-ups into my business as I want.  

Doesn't sound so bad, huh?  

That's what Zero Resistance Recruiting is all about.


Hard-Core PROVEN Tactics
And Secret Strategies

... that actually put you in a must-win situation.  

I must confess though that I've bought more courses on Internet and network marketing than probably 99.9% of other online marketers. And I've noticed a disturbing trend.

The information gets worse, with less real substance and more convoluted strategies with the passing of time.

I'm often left with more questions after I buy and go through the course than I had before.  So the last thing I want to do is add to the "noise" in the marketplace.

That's why Zero Resistance Recruiting is like nothing you've ever seen before.  

I've spent countless hours creating a detailed map with the EXACT step-by-step strategies, specific tactics and proven email marketing shortcuts. 

What you get is a comprehensive, jam-packed course with the blueprint and formulas that will give you an unfair advantage over your competition. 

I reveal the potent stuff no other network marketer is talking about.  The deep, hidden and truly sneaky tactics you'd need an experienced Internet network marketer to uncover for you.

Here's just a sample of what you are about to experience: 

  • The untold secrets of creating your own "army of recruiting robots" whatever the company you choose to promote--it doesn't matter because these strategies are so versatile.

  • The hard-core, uncut secret strategies to finally making real money in network marketing with the simple click of a mouse. Once you have these simple but powerful shortcuts you can literally write your own monthly checks.

  • Exactly how to generate your own leads for cheaper than buying from a vendor. This is the one secrets the major lead vendors don't want you to know!
  • The two foundational secrets to recruiting with zero resistance that must guide everything else you do. That is, if you don't want to end up as a network marketing failure. You must get these principles right from the start otherwise you're doom for the trash heap.

  • Why the power of focus and consistency and can make or break you as a network marketer. It's a lot deeper than you think.

  • How to dramatically slash the amount of time you spend working your business and still double or even triple your income.  These strategies will squeeze the most profit from the least amount of 'work'.  Now what will you do with all that extra time?

  • Why having the right philosophy to lead generation can instantly place you in the mind frame for immediate success. It is still true that "As a man thinketh, so is he." This will surprise you.
  • How to finally unlock the full potential of email marketing in your business by making quick and easy changes to your emails.  You'll uncover some critical blunders that could be costing you dearly right now.
  • How to generate high quality leads who beg to work with you and only you, and will go out of their way to make it happen. And these leads keep pouring in even if you're out at the bowling alley with friends or taking a lazy afternoon nap.
  • The TRUTH about how to really use the Internet to explode your network marketing business.  This is no lame theory but exact strategies I use in my business everyday to pull in the big bucks.  I'm talking about "Do this, then this and then this."

  • Why focusing on getting people in your downline is the wrong way to go about building your network marketing business and how to escape this common trap.
  • A little-known but simple technique I use to make at least $1.44 per click from people who unsubscribe from my mailing list. Practically no one outside my circle does this but you will. For the first time you'll be making money from people who TURN DOWN your offer!
  • A step-by-step formula for passively generating more leads and more free traffic than you ever thought possible.  Do this one simple thing and you're gonna wanna slap yourself for not realizing the key to all the traffic you ever needed was hiding right in front of your face all along . . . Duhh!
  • Why almost every network marketing expert is dead WRONG about how to use the Internet to grow your network marketing business and why following their advice will only lead to a cleaned out bank account and disappointing results.
  • The dirty little secret about what really matters when you contact your prospects and how to leverage this one secret into big bucks and massive success.  IF you miss this one technique you're leaving a lot moolah on the table. 
  • How to literally recruit massive downlines at the push of a button--literally. This is a formula I've developed that hasn't failed me as yet. Any time I want someone new to work with they are now only the push of a button away. 
  • Sneaky psychological tactics in formatting your emails so your prospects can't wait to open, read, and do exactly what you ask them to do. (Please use these tactics responsibly.)
  • How to use your strengths and your personality to entertain, attract, and sell so effortlessly you'll think it's illegal. Yes, you!
  • Exactly how to use the THREE key income generating models in network marketing to ensure that no matter what, the second you hit the submit button on your emails you'll see money piping into your bank account.
  • My never-before-revealed simple A-B-C flowchart for email MLM success will show you exactly how to use my unique approach, why it works, and why you can't fail to recruit people or make a killing if you simply copy it!
  • How to absolutely guarantee that you only talk to qualified leads who are ready to join your business and not waste your time with tire-kickers and window shoppers'.
  • How to create "instant attraction" between you and your prospects. (Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for other ways in which you use or abuse this potent skill.)
  • Uncover the powerful principles of consistency and contrast, what they are, why they are important, and how to use them to make your prospects jump at anything you send their way.
  • How most network and Internet marketers are committing some critical blunders with their email marketing and what you can do to avoid murdering your chances of success.
  • How to choose the right autoresponder for your business. The nitty gritty about all the major vendors out there, their pros and cons and which one I choose and why?
  • How to boost email deliverability to make sure your message gets through the SPAM filters and other filters.  You'll get the secrets to tracking your emails and making sure your leads get your emails every single time you hit the submit button.
  • How to use email to enhance relationships and build instant authority even if you are just a beginner. This has nothing to do with self confidence and all the things that the 'born natural leaders' wish to make you think.
  • The two secret components to getting maximum leverage so you get every drop of results from all your marketing efforts. Leverage is the name of the game and you'll uncover just how to capitalize on this.

  • The FIVE critical questions you must ask about your prospects before you even think about sending your first email to them. These question will get you into the minds of your prospects without their knowledge.

  • The 7 types of emails you can use to engage your prospect so you're never predictable and boring, but exciting and entertaining. This will make them look forward to your emails in their inbox.

  • How to turn your recruiting machine into a virus that spreads faster than your ever can anticipate. And, yes, I'll show you the live example of EXACTLY just how I did it to recruit over 3,143 in less than 13 days!!

I literally open my treasure chest containing my bag of tricks and allow you to back up a U-Haul and raid my marketing secrets. 

I hold nothing back.  If I know it and successfully use it then I share the secret with you.  You may consider this my life work in using email marketing to promote my business. 

This is the most straightforward and powerful course on network marketing you'll ever find. Of course you'll find some of the concepts new and even controversial and definitely outside the "mainstream". 

But the bottom line is that you'll make more money, faster and easier than you ever did in network marketing, guaranteed! 

"Over 400 Members In 90 Days ..."

Over 400 members in 90 days without talking to a single
prospect. I have never seem such a good step by step plan
which details all the steps to create a huge downlines. In a
little over 3 months, I have grown a huge network of members
with 4 figure monthly income.
And to be honest with you, I have not even apply all the
strategies yet! I had brought tons of MLM products but none
is as EFFECTIVE as this.

It is definitely my product of the year.

- Jaz Lai

"My Response Increased By 30%"

"Oh man Daegan, you're truly an awesome person to come out the most detailed packaged I've ever seen! Your package has
no nonsense but only real truth that can help people like

After going through just 3 hours of your materials and
applied one of your strategies, my response in my email list
increase by almost 30% just by applying one of your methods!

I cant wait to get through the other live videos!"

Alvin Phang.

"Great Insights!"

Hey Daegan,

Thanks for the email response on giving us your proactive
perspective on Zero Resistance Recruiting. I appreciate you sharing
the keep it simple approach to taking action and learning as
we go. I feel that is encouraging to me knowing you shared
exactly what you've done to create a $10-20K+/mo. passive
income.  Nice Job!

We gained great insight in you sharing this wealth of
knowledge you've gained over the past couple of years.
Chris and I are enthusiastic about the straight forward
approach that we can implement and feel take results to the

I am implementing your suggestions this week to follow
through and re-watch specific videos for clarity. I took
pages of notes that I look forward to putting into action
for results on initial viewing of the information packed

Thanks again,

-Scott Sutton

"Powerful !"

Hi Daegan;

Many thanks for having sent me the course material of your
Zero Resistance Recruiting!

What a powerful message in a course with such an
overwhelmingly abundant information, techniques, examples,
hints, insights and suggestions how to go ahead with this
Internet marketing business.

It's great to see that you keep up with your excellency in
training and in leadership guiding and pulling the people
to the top of success.

Your message is so positive and stimulating that you are
pulling the listener of your audio-course to overcome the
hurdles and doubts.

Thank you also for your honesty and frank comments warning
and telling the truth about this market. Many other
marketers of this Internet market place need to be
confronted with your vision of a reality that should neither
mislead nor spread the false impression of a hobby-like

Let's go together to the top!

-Dr. Peter Mossmann

Consultant in International Development Cooperation

"Love The Video Format!"

"This Zero Resistance Recruiting video course is really wonderful.
What I appreciate the most about this course is that the
videos are REAL-time examples and you show the real results.
That's huge Daegan!

They're very concrete, in your face, step-by-step, do this,
do that, make money that people aren't left confused with
"how" to implement what they're learning.
It's very exciting
to watch the campaign you show us take shape and actually
produce profits the first day it's launched.

You show us how you monetize your traffic, recycle your
content for even more traffic, and consistently build real
relationships with your list which is so important. You go
from the psychology of why the whole Zero Resistance Recruiting works
all the way through the implementation and finally the
results. THAT'S why this course is so good.

Other products that are only text and/or audio may provide
valuable information, yet can still leave that "how" aspect
a bit fuzzy. That's why I love video so much and use it
often myself. With your videos we can actually SEE exactly
what you're doing, and even better, witness the real-world
results which further instills the confidence that what's
being taught actually works."

-Charise Carter,

"I Was Skeptical At First"

I've been in network marketing for over ten years and i've
seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

And truly you're one of the good guys in the network
marketing industry.  I've begun to go through the email mlm
formula and now I can say finally here's someone who's not
just talking the talk but is also walking the walk.

I'm about to set up my blogger website thanks to the quick
and easy way you've explained it in the step by step video
presentation.  What I love about the your video
presentations is that if there's something I don't quite
understand as I'm applying them to my network marketing
model I can go back to them again and again.

I'm currently working a full time job, and aspiring to be in
the financial position that you're in soon, where I don't
have to trade hours for dollars.

I've lost over $7,000 from Internet companies that ripped me
off (con artists) over the years I've tried to develop a
business on the Internet that really works.  So I was
skeptical about any business program I bought or was a part
of over the Internet  But I knew that money could be made
and was being made on the Internet, I just could find anyone
to teach me how.

So thank you for your honesty and ethical approach in the
way you've put the Zero Resistance Recruiting together.  I'm completely
determined to make this Zero Resistance Recruiting be a major key in the
success of my networking marketing business, because failure
is not an option. 

There's only one direction to go from here, and that's To
The Top

Daegon, thanks for your time and I appreciate Your
leadership and the good you bring to the industry."

Ord Wilson                                                 

"Amazed At How Much I Learned!"

"I was amazed at how much I learned. This system is a 'giant step' in training. Everything seemed to imprint in my brain and made a lot of sense.  It's better than reading or listening, must be the audio and visual combination."

And the visual nature of this learning experience have me actually seeing Daegan demonstrate his lessons for me right
on his computer, and showing me how it's done every step of the way.
It really is remarkable how he's able to wrap up all the elements of online prospecting into such a fun, easy-to-understand program.
Daegan, thanks so much for all your help. It has been so much easier seeing you do everything and I just copy your way to the BANK. :-) "

To Our Success

"Everything Changed Almost Overnight!"

Hi Daegan,

I consider you my official Internet-Network Marketing
mentor - the strategies, concepts and business
philosophies that you've ingrained in me has done
wonders for my team as well as for my business as a

I've had coaches and mentors in the past, but no one
has been able to come close to your level of working
smart (not hard), and guiding folks to duplicate that

Although I hate to admit it, before you came along, I
was actually calling leads.....we're talking hundreds
and hundreds of leads a month. It was a nightmare
trying to manage it all.

However when I implemented your strategies, everything
changed almost overnight,
as usual I had people
joining my business....BUT THE MAIN DIFFERENCE WAS

I couldn't believe it when I noticed I had that first
'stranger' signup (as I like to call them), and when
speaking with him for the first time, I heard myself
actually uttering the words, 'Where did you find me?'

To this day, that feeling is still indescribable.....

Well anyways, sorry for this long-winded email, I
can't wait to speak with you again. Thanks for all
that you do!

-Cedric Licuanan


Everything You Need To Know
From The Ground Up ...

And it doesn't matter whether you're a veteran network marketer or brand-spanking new to the industry, because I show you everything you need to know from the ground up.

I've crammed every important tactic, secret, skill and strategy into this audio and video training.

Watching these online video tutorials will be like watching over my shoulders as I personally show you every detailed step how to implement every strategy I teach. 

You'll see the strategies, hear me explain them and you can rewind and watch as much time as you like right in the comfort of your own home. 

It's all handed to you on a silver platter and in an easy format so you'll be able to literally copy and paste your way to success. 

No more vague "go here and do that". You'll get to SEE the actual steps on your screen--what to do, how to do it, why to do it, and the exact results you can expect to achieve from using Zero Resistance Recruiting.  

But Do You Qualify?

The Zero Resistance Recruiting course has been methodically designed to shortcut your path to network marketing success.

I don't care if you've never done network marketing before or you've tried several times before and failed. 

Even if you don't have a clue what an autoresponder is ... none of that matters. 

All that matter right now is your desire for success and your passion to change your life starting today. 

Once you're ready to take that first small, easy step that will finally equip you with all the tips, tricks, strategies and secret shortcuts to bringing in the big bucks ... the Zero Resistance Recruiting course is for you. 

Once you see how easy it is to use the Zero Resistance Recruiting for maximum profit and business growth you'll never worry about money or finding the right people to work with again. 

If you were to hire me as a consultant to get your network marketing into high gears it would run about $500 per hour for my time and expertise.  With the kind of money I make from just 45 minutes a day "work" I'm not even sure that would even be worth my time.  

If I were to hold a seminar and teach the very same information in a group setting you could expect to pay $1,997 per seat.  That would not include travel costs and hotel accommodation and meals, etc. 

At full retail, my system would command a starting ticket price of at least $497 and still be under priced. 

Why?  Because there's literally no other system or training out there like Zero Resistance Recruiting.  

This is literally the secret to network marketing success online.


But You Won't Pay
Anything Close To $497!

You won't pay an arm and leg for this breakthrough course, although I know you'll easily get more than 20 times the value from Zero Resistance Recruiting if you just follow the easy steps. 

But before I reveal the surprisingly low price let me show you how I went out of the way to make this about the easiest decision you'll ever make in your business life. 


But Wait, That's Not All  . . . 

If you take action today you're not only going to get access to the Zero Resistance Recruiting, I'm actually going to include THREE HUGE bonuses valued at over $697, absolutely FREE!

(Note: I reserve the right to pull these bonuses at anytime.

BONUS #1: How To Become And Irresistible Sponsor ($197 Value!)

In this 1 hour and 34 minute audio training you'll uncover the Six Scientifically Proven Factors to attracting a stream of qualified prospects to your business-- begging you to take their money!

You don't have to be a network marketing "guru" to attract people to your business.

There are ONLY 6 scientifically proven factors needed for ANYONE, even a 'newbie' to build strong downlines and pull in monthly checks just like the heavy-hitters.

In this, one time only training, you’ll discover those exact factors and how to apply them to your business for FREE and within hours.

You’ll now be able to recruit on demand and have the power to build strong downlines anytime you choose.

If you’re sick and tired of calling leads, wasting time setting appointments, and then NOT have your prospects show up, than this is EXACTLY how to turn the tables.


BONUS #2: Immediate Traffic Now! ($297 Value!)

You'll discover my three most profitable and potent lead generation strategies in this live, behind-the-scenes case study style training.

These three strategies are the foundation to over a million dollars a year business which have never failed me in any venture I start.

If you apply these secrets they won't fail you either because they are battle-tested and PROVEN to work every time.

I introduce you to the MOST important yet least talked about strategy of any 'traffic getting" product you could ever get your hands on.

You get the exact strategies and principles I use to guarantee every single ad I place is profitable in the shortest time possible. You won't hear this anywhere else.

And you get it FREE just for trying Zero Resistance Recruiting!


BONUS #3: Winning In The Online Home Business Arena ($197 Value!)

You'll uncover the hidden secrets to generating a six figure income using the power of the internet, your passion, and any home business opportunity you choose.

There's no fluff here, but just 2 hour and 20 minute hard hitting strategic step by step training on exactly what to do.

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